If you are considering using a storage facility, take a moment to think about the following storage tips :

Consider using pallets, tarps or plastic sheets on the floor of the storage if your storage unit is on the ground floor or accessible from outside. These items will help prevent water and moisture from getting in and damaging your stored items.

Allow for ventilation to help prevent mold and mildew problems, especially in climates where high humidity levels are common by not packing items directly against the wall. Leave an inch or so of space wherever possible to promote air flow.

Leave enough room at the front of your storage unit so you can get to your things without too much trouble. Keep frequently accessed items near the front.

Consider using shelving to increase the space available for storage within your unit.

Stack boxes but don't stack higher than you can reach, place heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack and don't overpack or underpack your boxes.

Store upholstered furniture, like sofas (but not sleep sofas), on end if possible, to maximize your space. Cover with cotton sheets for dust protection.

Cover mattresses and box springs with cotton sheets, and stand securely on their edge. Remember, cardboard absorbs moisture and plastic traps condensation, both of which can promote mold and mildew.

Treat any garden tools and other metal items, like bicycles, with a rust inhibitor, such as machine oil, before storing them. Also, you should clean them thoroughly before storing them.

Use the tops of dressers as a base for stacking boxes. You can place a variety of items inside the dresser drawers, such as linens, small boxes or delicate items.

Wrap table and chair legs to avoid scratching.


If you have additional questions about storing your items or are in search of a reputable storage facility, just ask!